Damage, Defective or Wrong Items

Upon receiving your order, we kindly request that you inspect the items carefully. If you identify any damaged, defective or wrong items, it is crucial to report it to us immediately (no later than 7 days of delivery). Timely reporting allows us to expedite the resolution process and provide a satisfactory solution.

In the unfortunate event that your order arrives with damaged, defective, or incorrect items, we kindly request that you document the issue by taking detailed pictures of the affected items.

  1. Reporting:
    To report damaged, defective or wrong items, please send an email to contact@easytumblers.com with either "Damaged Order", "Defective Item" or "Wrong Item" followed by your order number (e.g., ET1234) in the subject line. This specific subject line will help us identify and expedite your request efficiently.

  2. Route Shipping Insurance:
    If you opted for Route Shipping Insurance during checkout, you have the option to initiate a damaged package claim directly through their platform. To begin the claim process, please visit the following link: https://claims.route.com/
    Damaged package claim with Route normally takes up to 24hrs.

  3. Non-Route Shipping Insurance:

    For customers who did not opt for Route Shipping Insurance, we kindly request that you contact the respective shipping carriers to begin the process of filing a claim for any damaged packages. Below, you'll find the contact details for the shipping carriers:

    • UPS: 888-742-5877
    • USPS: 800-275-8777

    The shipping carriers will guide you through their specific procedures for reporting and addressing damaged packages.