Easy Ship: Tailored Flat-Rate Shipping for Your Order

At Easy Tumblers, we understand that your sublimation blank orders are unique, and your shipping experience should reflect that. That's why we're excited to introduce Easy Ship, our personalized flat-rate shipping method that adapts to your order value and location, ensuring you get the best rates for your sublimation needs.

How Easy Ship Adapts to Your Order

With Easy Ship, we've simplified the shipping process while giving you more control over your costs. Here's how it works:

  • Order-Based Pricing: Our flat-rate shipping charges are based on your order subtotal. This means you'll pay a shipping rate that corresponds to the value of your order.

  • Location Matters: We've divided the U.S. into regions to make shipping even more efficient. Your location will determine which tier of shipping rates you see, whether you're on the East Coast, in the Central US, or on the West Coast.

East Coast, Central US, and West Coast Rates

  • Order Value: $50 - $99.99

    • East Coast: Enjoy a flat-rate Easy Ship fee of $8.95.
    • Central US: Your Easy Ship rate will be $10.95.
    • West Coast: Benefit from a flat-rate Easy Ship fee of $13.95.
  • Order Value: $100 - $149.99

    • East Coast: Your Easy Ship rate remains low at just $10.95.
    • Central US: You'll pay a rate of $12.95 with Easy Ship.
    • West Coast: Your Easy Ship rate becomes $15.95.
  • Order Value: $150 - $199.99

    • East Coast: Easy Ship costs $12.95.
    • Central US: Your Easy Ship rate is $13.95.
    • West Coast: You'll see an Easy Ship rate of $17.95.
  • Orders Over $200: Customers in the East Coast and Central US can enjoy complimentary Easy Ship, while West Coast customers will benefit from tiered shipping rates.

Why Choose Easy Ship?

Easy Ship offers unparalleled convenience and cost transparency:

  • Tailored Pricing: Pay shipping rates that reflect your order value, ensuring you get the best value for your sublimation blanks.

  • Location Convenience: Our region-based rates make it easy for you to see the most relevant shipping options for your area.

  • Predictable Costs: With flat-rate pricing, you'll always know what to expect when it comes to shipping charges.

But there's more to Easy Ship! We also put the power of choice in your hands. When you choose Easy Ship as your shipping method, you allow us to select the best carrier for your order. We partner with trusted shipping providers like UPS and USPS, and we'll choose the one that ensures the most efficient and reliable delivery for your specific order.

Ready to get started? Explore our wide range of sublimation blanks today and experience the convenience of Easy Ship.

Thank you for choosing Easy Tumblers. We're here to make your sublimation journey a breeze!

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